WINDSINGER is a wonderfully written tale of what happens when two worlds collide. When you have a man from one world and a woman from an entirely different world without a common language, the resulting mayhem takes a humorous turn. Everything ends up being misinterpreted, from Artemis offering the bridalfruit to her wearing Kestrel's windcloak. This story also takes a serious turn as Artemis is forced to question all her beliefs and everything she was taught about how evil men are as she falls in love with Kestrel. Lark Westerly has come up with beautiful settings on both Gale and Alida. The characters are all very realistic and wonderfully portrayed, especially Robin Deceiver. This story I highly recommend reading.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Courtesy Sensual Romance Reviews


Review from "Just Erotic Romance" - December 18th, 2003

You will feel the warm summer days with flowing breezes, enjoy the rich scent of blooming flowers, and hear the birds sing in the colorful descriptions of this inviting paradise called WINDSINGER. Lark Westerly weaves a captivating story of two unlikely allies, learning to understand each other as they delve into lessons of sensual exploration, trust, loyalty, and love. Ms. Westerly's characters come to life as Artemis and Kestrel discover that their love has no boundaries. Finding that they have
only themselves to rely on, these lovers are forced to face the truth of their choices and actions as they defend their bond and lives, fighting united against unwavering and daunting odds.

Jill Diamond for "Just Erotic Romance".




Review from "The Romance Studio". - December 18th, 2003
Lark Westerly
Erotic romance
Available from Extasy Books
ISBN# 1-55410-042-9
November 2003

This is the first book by Lark Westerly that I've read, but it most certainly will not be the last. Ms. Westerly has a wonderful talent and writes superbly. I was completely captivated by Artemis and Kestrel.

Finding love is never easy and this story gives new meaning to the phrase defying all odds. I look forward to reading more works by Lark Westerly.

Overall rating: 5 Hearts
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Diane T.


"Brave, Uncompromising and Endlessly Enjoyable"

She was a Mercy, an amazon warrioress dedicated to rescuing women in need from the clutches of men in control. Adopted daughter of a technologically advanced race, Artemis had no doubts about her choices, or her future. Until her diadem, the device that the Mercies used to transport themselves through space, translate foreign languages, and, most importantly, tune to the cries of women in need, malfunctioned. She found herself flying to the rescue of a man. She saved his life, though she knew she shouldn't, and found herself trapped on with him on his barbaric planet.

He wasn't like any man she had ever met, or like the men the other Mercies spoke of in gruff and scornful tones. Though she couldn't understand his language, or he hers, they reached a truce, then a tentative understanding. Then everything fell apart. Somehow, in their mutual groping for meaning, Artemis had indicated that she would become Kestrel's lifemate but when the idyll ends, what chance is there for a sworn virgin and a man whose very presence brings forbidden pleasure?

Fantasy romance fans take notice here is a story that will touch your heart and thrill your mind at the same time. WINDSINGER is brave, uncompromising, and endlessly enjoyable. From the characterization to the worldbuilding, the story to the sexual details, everything was well- written, well-planned and, quite simply, enthralling. Westerly pens a tale of cultures and values and futures at war, a Romeo and Juliet story in a brave new world, held together with delicious details and careful species building. WINDSINGER is an excellent example of mixed-genre success, and a definite to-be-read if you enjoy such novels. One only hopes that Ms. Westerly has some more Windsinger males out there to read about in the future!

Sensuality Level: This novel has been rated "Bonfire" by the publisher. It features explicit sex within the boundaries of a monogamous relationship.

Reviewed by Ann Leveille
Courtesy Sensual Romance Reviews