T e g a n






What happens when a city girl meets a country boy? The result might be love in a hayloft if only they weren't kissing cousins. As it is, they'll have to opt for something more or less. Or nothing at all. What happens next? That's for the cosmic scriptwriter to know and for them to find out!





A proper cousin doesn’t seduce a guest under his own roof. They’d probably tar and feather me!  (Alister McKenzie - “KISSING COUSINS". )




ELIZABETH; ‘And what are you proposing to do about the milking?”

ALISTER: “I’ll leave that to you, Aunt. You’ve already been busy pulling strings, so now you can pull some tits for a change.”




Housework had the habit of stretching, amoebae-like, yeast-like, to fill all available space. Nature abhored a vacuum.


“You can’t write off half the human race just because they think with their balls.” (Kim Anderson.)



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