One Plus One Makes One

by Brian Curtin

(Devine Destinies, 2011)

Liana and Danny love to dance. As children they partner one another in ballet class, and their friendship grows and deepens. Together they overcome teasing, envious classmates, strained muscles and the lure of other activities. They look forward with hope to a glowing joint career.

Tragedy strikes when Liana is badly injured in a storm. Not only her dancing career is on the line, but also her friendship with Danny and her hope of walking again. And then comes the final bombshell; Liana's Russian parents decide to move back to their homeland so Liana can be treated by a specialist. Danny is in despair. Will he and Liana ever realise their dreams?

One Plus One Makes One is a heart-warming story. It is at once a traditional ballet novel and a story of a young modern couple facing the dilemma of their lives.

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