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Writing Metrical Verse.


Author and manuscript assessor Sally Odgers takes you step by step through what you need to write metrical verse. Learn about meter, rhyme, rhythm and assonance, and find out how to write gift verse, limericks, rhymed acrostics and sonnets. This course shows how to write different forms of verse by example. The author has had poetry (mostly metrical verse) published in collections, and specialises in rhymed acrostic.

Writing Metrical Verse is a new course in 2005. To purchase this product, send an e-mail to OR  with "Writing Metrical Verse" in the subject line. The cost is $10.00, plus GST. Payment may be made by cheque, money order or Paypal. The course will be sent to you by e-mail.


Sally's poetry appears in several anthologies both Australian and British.


Part 1 What is Metrical Verse?

Identifying Rhyme Schemes, Counting Stresses, Meter and Rhyme, Blank Verse, Other Poetry Families, Syllable Poetry, Shape Poetry, Free Verse, Acrostics, Simple and Informal Metrical Verse, Doggerel, Limericks, Greeting Card Verse, Nursery Rhymes, Distorting Pronunciation, Regional Differences, Assonance and Consonance, Other Poetry Forms, Sonnets, Syllable Poetry, Haiku, Senryu, Tanka, Writing Haiku and related forms, Sestina, Odes, Free Verse Compared

 Part 2. Writing Metrical Verse

What are you Going to Do With Your Poem?, Gift Poetry, Length, Form, Tone, Competition Poetry, Rhyming Picture Books, Writing Songs, Personal Projects and Challenges, Writing Gift Verse, Personal, General, General Notes on Rhyme, Acrostics, Simple, Free, Metrical, Lines in a Natural Form, Ballads, Meter Template, Matching Meter.



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