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Julie D’Arcy’s

Creating YOUR Fantasy, Paranormal or Vampire Novel


 “One on One Personal Workshop”


Run by Award Winning Author

Of, ‘Time of the Wolf’, ‘Silverdawn’, ‘Legacy of the Black Dragon’ and numerous other contracted novels and stories


Are you a Beginner or Someone Wishing To Try Something New?

Sick of being REJECTED or being told your characters lack life?

My Workshop covers the following:

  1. Writing Exercises to Get You Started.
  2. The Elements of a good Fantasy Novel
  3. World Building
  4. Importance of using your senses
  5. How to Capture the Publisher’s Eye
  6. Write Stronger. Weed out those words that make your work weak.
  7. After You Finish Your Novel, what then?
  8. Where and How to sell your work.


The cost of the workshop is $40 US or equivalent in

Australian funds. Check, Mail Order or PayPal accepted.

Workshop includes picking my brains on anything

 writing. It also includes an edit of the first 1,000 words

of your new manuscript.

Most workshops run for around two to three weeks, but will vary with each person.

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