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From Fallen Angel Reviews. - March 21st, 2004

Dangerous Lovers: Roses and Thorns

Dangerous Lovers: Roses and Thorns is an anthology of eight stories that run the gamut from tongue-in-cheek to creepy. Roses and Thorns is a very accurate description of the types of lovers referred to in the title. Included are vampires, werewolves, hermits, faeries, witches and warlocks. Lark Westerly seems to touch on every kind of dark fantasy one could imagine. There are successful conclusions, as well as some not-so-happy ones.

Ten - a sci-fi fantasy where an importer of interplanetary male studs falls for "Number 10," an excellent specimen in her latest shipment;

Lady Of The Night - a teenage prostitute becomes a vampire and finally finds closure..

Moon Madness - a female werewolf finds not only passionate nights, but also a kindred spirit in the local hermit.

No More Lies - it's too late when a husband realizes that he shouldn't have taken his wife at face value.

Lady Valentine - a woman finds that human men can suck the life out of you worse than vampires do.

Procurator Royal - the tables are turned on a gambling rogue.

The Seventh Chance - .a want ad turns out to be for the job from Hell.

A New Broom - a sexy door-to-door salesman with a unique payment plan. Monthly installments have never been so appealing!

Ms. Westerly skillfully blends the erotic with the macabre. Many times in this genre, the sensual is overpowered by the horror element. That is not the case in Dangerous Lovers. These stories are eerie and unique, but sufficiently passionate. Several are downright romantic. No matter what the theme, they transport the reader completely to that time and place.

I highly recommend this stimulating, well-written anthology. Since it's one of those rare anthologies where all are very good stories, it packs a lot of bang for the reader's buck.

Reviewed by: Shelley




These are excerpts from a very long review of this collection. The stories referred to are "Moon Madness" and "A New Broom".

I loved this novella! It was so funny and I really liked reading the way Raffina went after what she wanted. The interaction between Raffina and the hermit was truly charming, even when it was tortured on his part. I'd have liked to see this as a longer story, with more delving into the emotions of the characters, but saw no problem with the way it was. The sex scenes were only simmering, but that fit with the characters and story. Moonmadness was short and succinct, but still a great read.

New Broom was a very cute story, and definitely something I'd love to go through. A new vacuum cleaner that makes everything, including skin and hair, look brand-new and the payments are made by being transported to a wonderful place where you get to have wild, fun sex with a good looking man? Sign me up! The story had a thread of humor in it, with Tobias being so sneaky and Frederika calling him a rat when she only half meant it. I would've liked for Frederika get a little revenge on her husband before the story was over, but New Broom was a lovely read regardless.

Dani Jacquel
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